My name is Anna and I'm a Danish woman in her twenties.

I've been fascinated by literature my whole life and have reviewed and blogged about books, through my social platforms, since 2017. 

When I was about 15 years old, I began writing my own stories, and today I can call myself a published author.

So far, three of my short stories have been published in three different anthologies: 

  • En opknappet skjorte (Alt Det, Jeg Holder Allermest Af)  (2016) 

  • "Jeg har også mistet min oldefar" (Tænk På Et 12-tal) (2017)

  • En dag vil du måske kunne forstå (Huskeliste Til Min Huskelistes Huskeliste) (2018) 

I'm currently writing my first book, which I hope will become my debut novel.

Find me on Instagram for posts about books and writing:

My account is called @annawchristensen

(You'll find a direct link in the bottom of the website) 

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Anna W. Christensen

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